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Branding is quintessential to a business. A weak image can make or break a reputation in a busy market. A strong image can reflect the confidence of a company; believe in yourself and others will believe in you… Let’s be real, of course you’re confident in your business, but it is just as important to LOOK it.

We can discuss your company’s identity, colour, logo, printed collateral, it’s entirely your call.

I will stand by you from mockup to stock-up, to ensure you carry your brand with you to let your customers / clients / neighbours know exactly what your business stands for!

Get in touch and we can find out where the gaps are in your organisation’s identity, and repair them, together.


Animated videos, motion graphics, explainers and how-to’s are one of the most effective ways to reach your audience in an interesting and exciting way!

Did you know that using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%? When it comes to online content, people will definitely choose watching a video over reading a large amount of written text.

I will help drive your audience to your service by creating an animated video for you, starting with a script, storyboard, voice over, music and SFX.

I promise to deliver high quality content, with characters, style, and theme tailored to your needs, and your brand.  

Front-End Web Development

Do you feel your website could do with a face-lift? Perhaps it look dated and is in desperate need of modernisation?

Whatever the need may be, I can offer a consultation where we can discuss your website in depth and look for ways we can improve the feel, and keep people engaged while they are visiting the webpages of your site.

Working in HTML/CSS, I will give your website a fresh and creative feel that will help you reflect the quality of your brand or service.


I was very impressed with the animation created, taking on board the feedback from the 1st draft to the final product. There is good attention to detail and I always enjoy using the animation to explain the new service..



Hi, I’m Brett and I am passionate about making businesses shine in an over saturated market with high quality content and an image that truly speaks to their client. I love the idea of being able to make dreams and extraordinary concepts a reality, and I truly believe that collaboration can breed great ideas.

My love for art and design gives me the drive to be inspired by other artists work, and increase my understanding of techniques. I have a love for travel, and wish to increase my personal portfolio with images of other cultures to hopefully inspire others.

We are lucky to live in an age where social networking is integral to our daily lives, and we can utilise this to connect and work alongside each other to exchange our knowledge (and hopefully learn a thing or two).

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